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Hi Phil,
I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the care and time you put into transfering our family memories onto dvd. My dad is absolutely going to love the dvd! I watched it yesterday with my kids and enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of the past come alive again.

Thank you so much,
Sheryl Coats

Thank you for a wonderful job. Now my children and their children will have these mementos as well! I plan on recommending you to many people! Hope you can stand the business!

Charles Wright
Westchester, PA

We are very pleased with the DVD's.Now if only all parents would have been required to take classes on proper filming tecniques (starting in the 1950's) :-)


Thanks so much for the great job you did on tranferring the 16mm and 8mm home movies to DVD.


Philip........ I just wanted to let you know that I received your package in the mail last week. I have had a chance to sample some of the DVDs. I am very pleased with the results. After speaking with you on the telephone, Ifelt confident sending my films to you to be transferred. I find it very rare to get good customer service from companies these days but I must say, you exceeded my expectations in that regard. I will highly recommend you to others.

Thanks again,
Diane Simpson

I just want to say how happy I am with this whole project! You treated these irreplaceable memories with great care and professionalism.


About Our Company!

Blue Retail Store frontBlue Transfers, a division of Blue Audio Visual Services, is based in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. We have been in business in the Valley of the sun for over 8 years. We specialize in the transfer of old & obsolete audio & visual media from the 1920's, to the current media formats of today. The technology used in all of our transfer & duplications is cutting edge. What sets us apart from the competition is our high level of customer service & end result product superiority.

About Our Staff

Blue Audio Visual Services only employs competent people. All of our employees are well trained and capable of answering most of your questions.

Our Employees

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    Philip Thomas

    Phil is the guy on the phone with an accent. He is from Cheltenham England, started the company in 2002 after his family got a really bad 8mm film transfer job done by a local company. After finding out the guy used only a projector and a video camera. Phil researched and did test samples of 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm film reels from many companies around the country and found similarly poor quality across the country. He then researched industrial transfer equipment, purchased some, results were so impressive, he started the company and the rest is history!

    Thank you again, and any questions or comments, my direct email is

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    Kristi Thomas
    Administrative Assistant

    Kristy is part time, Phil's stunningly beautiful gorgeous wife. She is a part time stunning flight attendant on big fancy private jet going to exotic places serving prime ministers, royalty and hollywood super stars and Phil never gets jealous ever of her lifestyle. ( !?! ) In her downtime, she takes care of accounting, billing and payroll where ever she may be in the world, it still gets done...via blackberry. And taking care of little Sid.

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    Sid Thomas
    'The Closer'

    Master Sidney is known around the office as ' The Closer '. Anyone who is on the fence about spending money, our little charmer comes through and seals the deal!

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    Retail Manager

    Tammy is the back bone of our company. She is the office manager. She takes care of everything from billing to shipping to transferring to ordering supplies. Tammy joined us in 2005 after film school. She too was a customer to start with. We quickly snapped her up, just that instinct for knowing a hard working, switched on individual that learns fast. She started in film transfers. Her eye for detail was impressive, her persistence on difficult film transfers was relentless. We get some bad film in, that most companies would give up on, but all of us have a big heart and really the dollar signs usually end up being lost in the pursuit of trying to preserve what is salvagable. When Tammy, and any of our team for that matter, see fantastic images of babies, Christmas's, family reunions, we treat it like our own and realize how important the images are. In closing, Tammy is an unbelievable asset to the company, she works hard every day to keep out team organized and our customers happy.

  • user pic

    Raylene joined us in 2006, she was a customer who brought in her own 8mm family movies to convert. I remember when she first came in with her Mom. They were very skeptical about trusting us with their precious family movies. A million questions, and with a back ground in video, she wanted to see everything. After we showed her around our facility, Raylene gave us a few reels to try out first. Needless to say, we impressed her so much, she came to work for us. Raylene works in all areas, including film transfer & slide transfers. She thrives on things that are tedious ( ??!! ) We love her for that, and she treats our customers film like it's her own baby pictures. I'll give her a task and what most will give up on, she'll keep going, even as the shop doors are being locked and everyone is heading home. If there is a task that needs to be completed, she'll be in on weekends, and usually has her lovely Mom with her who helps her out. Raylene also takes care of our trade shows, works the deals and is fantastic in motivating people to finally to act on digitizing their family history.

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    Video and Audio Specialist

    You may recognize Jason from, "Peelz", his humorous spoof on Nelly's "Grillz". Jason is a very creative guy with a great work ethic. He was educated at Cal State Fullerton's film school. Former jobs include working for the city of Anaheim in video production.

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    SAV Manager / Producer

    As the manager of Scottsdale Audio Visual, a Blue AV company, Dave is well versed in video production and editing. He is trained in all of the current video standards and editing software. He can take your media to the next level.

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    Mike Siggins

    Mike is a jolly old fella, he loves eating burgers, donuts and crunching numbers.

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    IT Manager

    Like the song says, "Code Monkey like Fritos, Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew". We pay him in Mt. Dew and Chili Cheese Fritos. Oh yeah, and the occassional banana, but this is where the similarities with the typical code monkey end. Unlike many of his computer savvy colleagues, Nathan's background is in customer service and his education is in earth science.

    Nathan has worn many hats over the years. During college he worked as a kitchen manager and as a customer service representative for Central Newspapers Inc.. After college he worked as a service manager for Gannett Company, Inc.. While working as a manager he started to learn that fixing computers and web development came easy to him. This was the catalyst for him escaping the corporate world and working for a small company maintaining their online store and repairing AppleĀ® computers. Nathan continued to hone his design and web programming skills until he was able to start working on his own as a freelance designer / developer.

    Currently, he develops for ATG Productions, LLC., designs and develops for ZEM Creative, and is our tech / internet guru / part-time marketing consultant.


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